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New Printer, No Internet
Posted: 25 Sep 2006 at 11:22 by Codehead

Yesterday I bought a new shiney new Olivetti ANY_WAY Wifi printer. I thought that it’d be nice to be able to put the thing somewhere other than on my desk, plus I could print from my laptop / Linux box (maybe even from the NDS) or any other wireless device on my net.

The basic printer install was fine, no problems. One odd looking test page later I was in business. However, trying to get the wireless working was a different matter. The installer could not see the printer on my LAN, despite me being able to access the printer’s web config page. So, in desperation I decided to see what Google knew about it. That’s when I found I had no Internet! After a hour or so of digging, it transpired that my connection to my ISP was OK, but my DNS had been mangled. Manually specifiying servers from OpenDNS did the trick, and I’m now back online, but still only have a USB printer.

Now I have access to Google again, I see that at least one other person has had exactly the same problem. Thanks a bunch Olivetti, I’ll give it one more night of tinkering, then it’s going back to the shop.

Categories: Hardware
Tags: #Rant

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