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Posted: 4 Mar 2019 by Codehead
6 minute read

I’ve been out of the CTF circuit for a while as I’ve been busy with work and life in general. However, I decided to get back into playing and TAMUCTF just happened to be running when I found some spare time.

I wanted to to do a quick write up to draw people’s attention to CyberChef. This is a tool developed by the folks at GCHQ, the UK’s communication intelligence and security agency.

CyberChef is incredibly useful for messing around with data in a visual manner. Sometimes you don’t have a Linux box or Python handy when you’re trying to solve a problem. However, if you have a browser, you can use CyberChef from just about anywhere.

Here’s a couple of solves from TAMUCTF’s easier crypto challenges as a demo:

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