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Posted: 8 Oct 2017 by Codehead
2 minute read

A pretty simple crypto challenge, but the technique is applicable to more complex problems.


The smart home system has the function of remote monitoring of what is happening in the home and every few minutes sends pictures of the surveillance cameras to the owner of the house. You successfully intercepted the network traffic of this system, however, its creators took care of the security of their users data and encrypted the pictures. Decrypt the provided image and you will find the flag.


Categories: Hacking CTF
Posted: 8 Oct 2017 by Codehead
5 minute read

The lowest scoring challenge at Kaspersky’s 2017 CTF turned out to be a pretty tricky. Mainly due to weird flag formatting, but also because I am stupid and couldn’t see a blatant clue staring me in the face.


Hey! Do you like playing? Are you old school?

Have fun!

Concat answer to KLCTF prefix


Categories: Hacking CTF
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