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Posted: 21 Jan 2009 at 13:09 by Codehead

Jazzhands Logo

TotemBall is a free XBox Live Arcade game, only downloadable by Xbox Live Vision camera owners.

The game requires the player to stand in front of the camera and wave their hands around to control the on-screen action. Anyone who has played the game for more than 2 minutes will know that your arms begin to ache very quickly, stopping you from playing the game for very long.

My solution is JazzHands, virtual hands for your computer. Simply point the LiveVision camera at the JazzHands window and control TotemBall using the cursor keys.


Quite possibly the most boring screenshot ever. (and yes, they are my hands.)

Setting Up Setting up the camera on the laptop.

BluTack works well to stop the cam moving.

Setting Up

Use the LiveVision preview to set the hand position.

The ‘Light Wall’ option seems to improve the contrast.

Get JazzHands 1.0


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