AMBER is a long running personal project that aims to produce a 3D multiplayer version of the Battletech board game.

The project started in 1999, and has been developed with Borland C++, MS VC++6 and VC.NET. Target platforms have been MS-DOS, Windows GDI and DirectX.
The current version is being developed for Windows with OpenGL and may be ported to Linux.

To say that AMBER is a slow moving project is an understatement. I have a busy job and a young family. Development tends to happen in random chunks whenever I can get 5 minutes to myself.

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Codehead's Corner
Battletech was created by FASA and is currently owned by WizKids. I do not wish to infringe any copyright or trademark with this game.
The development is a personal project with no finanical aims.
I hope to share this game with other fans and keep classic Battletech alive.